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BACCHUSSMS provides you with a carefully developed safe, easy to use, reliable, high capacity, online SMS platform which will enable you to reach your customers direct - on their mobile phones!

Access all major Cellular Network Providers

Communicate to multiple contacts with the same, but personalised, message easily through a safe, easy to use, streamlined, high capacity, online SMS platform.

BACCHUSSMS allows you to use a dedicated direct link to all major Cellular Network providers through which you will have access to an interactive service.

Examples of SMS Messages sent

Information imported from .CSV files can be merged with Bulk SMS.

Mary, we are running a special offer on Ladies Handbags. Come in and visit our store

Andrew Smith, just a reminder that the amount of R342.10 is still outstanding on your account

( The
red text in the above SMS message examples has been merged from an imported .CSV file)
(Columns B to G can be used for any addition information pertaining to the contact person)
(Mobile numbers, in column A, can be written as 0831234567, 27081234567, 831234567, or 27831234567)


Why SMS media can make your business Boom

Research found that around 98% of SMS messages are read once they are received, so marketing through this relatively new channel is highly effective.

Customers consider their mobile phones to be a much more personal medium than direct mail or even e-mail.

The unique, simple nature of a SMS message allows you to effectively target your customers, personally, with uncluttered, clear messages that stand out.

Your messaging campaigns can be streamlined to target specific groups, according to demographics such as age, race, level of income or education, etc.

SMS messages are automatically stored to be referred to or used later.

Messages are sent instantly to anywhere in the world, at any time!

For the option to send Bulk SMS to subscribers in other countries, contact us. We can do it!



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