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Buying SMS Credits is simple!

Via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

1.   To make a purchase, email us at
sms@thebulksms.co.za to request credits.

       Please include the amount of credits you require as well as your Username.

2.   An invoice will be promptly sent to you.

3.   Pay the amount reflected on the invoice using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

4.   Fax the proof of payment  to 08 668 01 568 or email it to

5.   Credits will be loaded to your account as soon as confirmation of payment or confirmation of transaction
       is received.

Please note: We cannot allocate credits to an account without a Username and Invoice Number.

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing credits for the first time a consultant will contact you telephonically before the credits reflect. If credits are purchased on a Sunday please allow 24 hours for the credits to reflect.


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